How we do digital strategy

The services we offer include the following.


Research and discovery

Small or large, every single project starts with Research & Discovery. This is a structured approach, reviewing the organisation’s digital health holistically and indexing its activities from seven core perspectives.


Customer experience

One of the first and most important things to understand is who we’re creating solutions for and what problems need to be solved. We call this persona development. We create robust and tangible customer profiles based on research and data that can be used organisation-wide.


External analysis

If it doesn’t exist already, we’ll recommend an assessment of the factors outside your organisation that might impact success. This includes competitor and comparator reviews, and an evaluation of the external marketplace trends from a digital perspective.


Roadmap development

In this collaborative process, we frame the journey, building the backbone of the work to be done by grouping tasks into topics or themes. Particular artefacts are usually developed at this stage as a result of the activities undertaken, including a Customer Experience Map which becomes our single source of truth for the project.


Ongoing strategic support

In order to respond to emerging trends and unforeseen changes in the marketplace, our perspective on the strategy development process is that it is an ongoing series of ad hoc, topic-specific conversations. This means we work with our clients to re-prioritise and roadmap periodically.

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